Google and Bing are almost similar in the semantic search capabilities. However, Google is quite advanced in this feature through its algorithm, Hummingbird. It tries to determine the user’s intent based on the search query and provide the most relevant results even though the search words do not match the keywords exactly.

On the other hand, Bing is used to delivering search results if the search words match precisely with the keywords. However, like Google, Bing improves its semantic search capabilities through deep learning.

The Differences Between Google vs Bing

There are a few noticeable differences between Google and Bing. Google and Bing differ on the policies on metadata, more particularly on meta keywords. Meta keywords, tags, and descriptions that appear in the HTML code of your content help the search engines to identify the type of your content.

Both platforms vary in the kinds of content they prioritise for search engine optimization. Different forms of content like audio, videos, and text-based content are optimised for Bing SEO. However, Google cannot crawl videos and optimise a website based on articles or text-based content.

For better ranking, Google focuses on the quality of the links, whereas Bing focuses on the number of the links.

Google does not rely on meta keywords to formulate rankings as the search engine believes they are easy to abuse. The understanding of meta keywords is very complicated on Google. Google considers higher CRTs as they lead to better rankings. But its search algorithm has not used meta keywords for ranking. However, Bing SEO considers meta keywords, tags, descriptions as a standard calculation for SEO. You can see a visible increase in the SERPs of Bing if there are proper and informative meta descriptions in your content.

Strategy To Optimise Your Content For Both Google And Bing

The common strategy for both Google and Bing to optimise your website or to improve your rankings are:

  • Focus on getting good quality backlinks.
  • Be cautious about the titles you choose to be favourable for optimization.
  • Make sure your content URLs and anchor text are search-optimised.
  • Creating a promising sitemap is also crucial as the search engines find it easy to crawl your site. A sitemap helps the search engine find out the pages and files on your site and the related information like when the page was last updated, alternate language versions of a page, etc. A sitemap is essential to rank faster for more significant websites.
  • Above all, it is vital to use a good SEO tool that helps you analyze the digital marketing techniques of your competitors so that you can work out the areas you need improvement.

SEO Strategies To Rank Higher On Google Vs Bing Separately

We will see in detail the content optimization techniques that work for Google and Bing individually and on the areas where webmasters should focus on optimising their websites on both platforms.

Google SEO Techniques

  • Optimise the meta descriptions of your articles. This is an old SEO strategy, and a recent study shows that many websites are not using meta descriptions for their content. But if you formulate a well-crafted meta description for keyword-rich content, the users will automatically click on your page. Google will recognize those pages with more clicks and optimise your website.
  • After a few years, the content on your website becomes stale. So, relaunch with classic and top-level content to bring it back on wheels. Please share it on your social media handles to reach a wide range of users.
  • Increasing internal linking is a top SEO technique to increase rankings rapidly. If you grow internal links, the users may explore the content unknown or new to them.
  • Renew the old content with new links. Updating old pages with fresh content and new links bounces your Google ranking. At the same time, remove unnecessary links as you can create more link equity through valuable links, and these links are a primary Google ranking signal.
  • Lengthy content is a good ranking factor compared to the short ones. It earns more links and shares. There is nothing against short content, but long-from contents give you a band in the Google search results.
  • Create multiple pieces of content on the same topic and link those together intelligently as the users find it engaging to explore your website.

Bing SEO Techniques

  • Bing ranks your website higher if websites link you with domain extensions .Edu, .org, .gov pages.
  • Bing focuses on exact keyword matching, so choose exact keywords relevant to the user’s search and include them in your articles. Use a keyword ranking tool to find out the most pertinent search phrases.
  • Bing has an advanced feature known as the Visual search feature, representing another channel for linking your content.
  • It also gives importance to the pages with videos and other multimedia content. So focus on filling your page with a helpful video of your content.
  • Bing’s Connected Pages feature a great way to gain more authority in the marketplace.
  • Create original content that helps users use good keywords and other valuable sources.
  • Creating popularity for your pages on social media is an important ranking factor on Bing.

Wrapping Up Google vs Bing

Google and Bing primarily aim to produce the best content that completely satisfies the user’s intent. So, creating content that fulfils the users’ needs to the maximum extent must be your objective to optimise your website for both search engines. If you carefully follow the SEO tips mentioned in the article, your website will likely rank higher on Google and Bing.

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