With the frequent changes and new updates in Google’s algorithm on unnatural links, spammy links, or bad links, it is not easy to spot and keep an update of all Google guidelines violations. Many SEO factors determine good rankings in the SERPs. Link Building is unique, vital, and the most used technique to improve rankings. However, Link Building is not easy as Google’s link-analysis has become highly developed and complex.

Links define the quality of a website. SEO and link building are getting more and more interconnected with each other. Google may penalise your website if it does get good backlinks. It is a nightmare for SEO experts. So, to escape from the penalty of Google, you need to build up a brilliant Link Building strategy. It would help if you gained high-quality links relevant to your website to optimise to let Google optimize your website in SERPs. From this article, let us understand the complete scenario of Link Building techniques. We will address questions like,

What Is Link Building?

Link Building establishes relevant links, usually known as hyperlinks, to a website from other websites. A hyperlink acts as a bridge to navigate or crawl between the websites. Link Building is not an easy task, and it takes a lot of patience and dedication to carry out the process.

Hyperlinks help search engines like Google crawl between the websites and analyse the quality of the websites. Thus, Google will give good rankings to the websites in the SERPs with numerous relevant hyperlinks. So, Link Building is an essential factor in how search engines rank web pages.

What Is The Prominence Of Link Building?

Link Building and SEO go hand-in-hand, and it is a vital strategy to optimise your website in Google rankings. Link Building helps in two main ways.

  • It helps the online users crawl between your website’s pages and explore new content.
  • It helps the search engines like Google determine the quality of the website and provide good rankings to those with relevant hyperlinks.

Besides the above two, Link Building provides other benefits also. Some of them are as follows:

  • Google constantly strives to provide the most relevant search results to its users. So the website with more quality hyperlinks has more authority as per Google. Therefore, links offer credibility to a website.
  • Links help you to get more web traffic.
  • SEO metrics and SEO scores like Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), etc., will increase by building backlinks.
  • By creating backlinks, opportunities and relationships within your niche will improve.
  • Your website will witness enhanced visibility and exposure.

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What Are The Standard Link Building Practices?

We will focus on the most common and effective Link Building practices that ensure higher rankings in the search engines if done consistently to keep it simple and precise. The six Link Building practices that are appropriate and most used are as follows.

1. External Links

External links are the hyperlinks that link to a page on another domain. External links are highly effective and significantly impact search engine rankings. External links are valued by the search engines as they are regarded as votes from external sources. External links have more link equity than Internal links.

How To Earn External Links?

Getting External links is a very important objective to gaining good rankings. It is because it is very difficult to manipulate or exploit External links, so search engines consider them one of the best metrics to determine the efficiency of a web page.

So, to gain External links to a website, you must use a good SEO tool like Google Search Console. Search engines use different metrics to calculate the value of External links.

Trustworthiness of the linking domain and the popularity of the linking page are the two main metrics the search engines consider determining the value of External links. The other major factors are the number of links on a page, the relevancy of the content, and the anchor text used in the link.

2. Internal Links

Links that connect the web pages within the same domain are called Internal Links. Internal Links pass link equity. They help the website visitors to navigate the site to explore and find out the new content available. Search engines find pages on your website through internal links.

How To Do Internal Linking?

  • Make links between the pages that are relevant and have similar content. It is because the linking strategy makes sense, and this process lets the internal link juice flow naturally.
  • The clickable text in a hyperlink is the anchor text. It is commonly in blue, and in SEO, it must be relevant to the page you are linking to.
  • Anchor text precisely indicates what content exists on the page and plays a crucial part in SEO. It is a significant ranking signal for search engines. While using anchor texts in link building, frame them in simple words.
  • If you are writing a new article, then link to the old articles as this strategy helps the old pages to gain good rankings in search engines. Remember that search engines like Google measure the freshness rate of websites.
  • Do not click No Follow links as they are not valuable.
  • Update old articles with new internal links to recognize the old content again to improve the rankings. These links act as a bridge between the old ones and the not-so-established new ones.

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3. Backlinks

Backlinks are called inbound links or incoming links created where another website uses it as an external link to your web source. The more backlinks you gain, the better are your search engine rankings. Quality backlinks are good ranking signals for search engines like Google. They are vital as they build the page authority and domain authority of a website.

How To Gain Backlinks?

  • Create interesting and inspiring content that attracts the readers. Good content has high demand in SERPs. Establish diverse content on different topics. Reputed sites share if you create valuable content.
  • Try to gain backlinks from the high authority domains with extensions like .edu and .gov. As they are governmental sites, backlinks from these sites boost search engine rankings.
  • Use SEO tools such as SEMRush, Ahrefs, Open Site Explorer, etc., to help find, analyse, and connect with reputable sites and request them to link back to you.
  • Aim to have a diversified link pool as Google recognizes sites that gain single links from a group of high-quality sites rather than many links from a single site.
  • Disavow bad quality links. Bad links from poor or low credibility sites hurt your sites. So, reach those website owners and ask them to remove or ask Google to ignore such links by using Disavow Link Tool.

4. Editorial Backlinks

Editorial backlinks are gained naturally, and you do not ask for them. If you create valuable content, bloggers discover them, and if they find it interesting and suitable to their websites, they link them as they add value to their content. It is a tough and time taking process but a beneficial one.

How To Earn Natural Editorial Backlinks?

  • Keep yourself updated on current affairs and everything that is happening around the world, like the latest innovations, information on newly launched gadgets, business news, sports news, medical developments, and many more from reputed journals and newspapers.
  • Search for good content ideas on channels like Twitter Trending Stories Google News Top Stories to create shareable content by the websites.
  • Create versatile content with innovative plans. Use tools like MindNode to make mind maps, Easel.ly to create infographics, Prezi to make presentations, Google Docs for articles, Haiku Deck for Decks.
  • Above all, if you want anybody to link to your content, it is important to create genuine, authentic, and well-researched content.

5. Outreach Backlinks

Outreach backlinks are nothing but reaching for other websites manually and asking them to link back to your articles or web pages. Such a technique helps to improve the SEO value. To make it worthwhile, you should be patient as this link-building strategy takes a specific time. You must be ready to provide relevant content of their niche for them to link back to your website.

How To Make A Successful Manual Outreach For Backlinks?

  • Design a reliable profile of yourself by creating a professional email ID representing your company or brand. This is the first step to gaining their trust.
  • To be more authentic or to gain the trust of the readers or the web admins, you must include an e-signature in your email. It gives a professional look.
  • Learn how to create an appropriate outreach email so that Google doesn’t regard it as spammy. It is essential to follow guiding points to make a proper outreach email.
  • Now use Google’s advanced setting that helps you filter your search query. You could also use parentheses to get results that match your search terms.
  • Then after finding the prospect, you should analyse its worth and important metrics by using SEO tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, etc. You must mainly check the number of backlinks, keywords used in the anchor text, and the rates they charge to get a backlink. Please check whether the link is worth the time and money.
  • Now comes the final part. It is time to reach out to your prospect strategically. Contact the bloggers and tell them how vital their niches and work are and their good websites. The other strategy is bartering. In exchange for honest reviews of the service, you provide for them. The best one is guest posting. If you come forward with a good guest post, you will automatically gain two backlinks through the author bio.

6. Non-Editorial Links

Gaining non-editorial or self-created backlinks is done through cheating. They gain backlinks by linking to your website through guest post signatures, blog comments, article directories, user profile pages, press releases with anchor text, and external web pages.

But to find out these black hat link-building techniques, Google has launched algorithms to find out such links and penalise them if required.


Given above are the link-building types and methods to gain them to improve your search engine rankings. Please go through it, and if you want to make any changes to your strategy of gaining backlinks by following any of the above methods, please go ahead.

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