Link building is one of the essential and prominent practises to rank better on search engines like Google. You might be knowing by now one of the reasons for Google to rank the pages higher in search results is by considering the number and quality of links to those pages. So, it is clearly understood that the number and quality of links is the deciding factor for anyone to visit your site when they search for keywords related to your blog. More the links, the more the visitors and greater is the ranking.

Many of us know gaining good links greatly influences our websites and businesses. Having said that, it is equally important to avoid spammy, bad, or low-quality backlinks as they cause harm to our websites. Google’s algorithm is designed to fish out websites with low-quality, spammy backlinks and thus penalize them. So, to avoid such a risk it is essential to know how to gain a good, natural link profile that Google will accept. We will explain to you in this article, what is Natural link building and its importance in gaining traffic and good rankings? and how does it affect search engine optimization?

What Is Natural Link Building?

Backlinks that are generated naturally without acquiring them through other forms of link building practises like guest posting or link requesting or link buying etc.

To put it in simple words, natural links are gained when the content on your website such as blogs, videos, images, etc. is liked by influencers, bloggers, webmasters, other website owners and so they link to your content as they feel it is helpful, genuine and useful to their followers.

In the world of SEO natural link building is termed as the best, safest and rapid way to gain potential traffic and to grow in business. Gaining natural links is accepted as one of the most efficient ways to establish a website or a blog successfully.

What Is The Role Of Natural Link Building In Gaining More Traffic And Good Rankings?

As already mentioned above link building is an important aspect of the SEO industry as it helps the website to get better rankings in the SERPs. It is because Google considers link building as one of the important factors as natural links act as proof to the search engines that the content on your website is good and genuine.

If anyone buys backlinks, Google algorithms like Penguin recognize them and impose a penalty on your website. Thus, you lose your traffic and rankings. The best way to gain rankings is to follow white hat SEO techniques avoiding illegal practices.

What Are The Benefits We Get From Natural Links?

There are many benefits you can enjoy from gaining natural backlinks. If the content on your website is good and convincing, many popular websites naturally link to your content thus providing a natural backlink. When popular websites link to your content then you will automatically gain more traffic to your website as regular visitors of those websites may click on the link that directs to your content.

It is a good achievement to be recognized by some of the top blogs of your niche industry. It is a chance to reach greater heights. It is a natural phenomenon that when top websites link to your content naturally smaller websites will also link to your content. So, you will gain more natural links. Your website may become famous among all the other websites of your niche.

When you see more and more natural links flow to your website you will get good encouragement to work hard to publish better content. If your content becomes famous in the industry, then it is also shared on social media platforms by interested bloggers and influencers who feel the content is useful to their visitors.

The best part of gaining natural links is you can get better rankings in the search results as one of the parameters of a website to rank higher in Google is to have more natural links. When you rank in the first pages then you will gain more traffic that implies you will lead a successful business or website.

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How To Get Natural Links?

Now we have come to the cream of the topic. It is very essential to know the ways and means of gaining natural links. Bloggers use many ways to get backlinks. The most commonly followed ways are mentioned below.

Requesting For Links

You can try to get links by simply asking the owners of other websites to link back to your websites. It depends on how convincingly and effectively you can impress your contemporaries by explaining the mutual benefits you both gain by linking back to your website.

Buying Links

Buying links is one of the black hat SEO techniques and it is undoubtedly a no-follow method. Links are obtained by making deals with the other party instead of requesting them politely. But this type of practice is considered a crime by Google, and it has the right to penalize the website if found guilty.


Directories are another way to gain links. There are a lot of directories like local directories, niche-based directories, and general directories. Some may allow linking for free and some others may charge you a certain amount. It is not a bad link buying method even though you are asked to pay a fee.

The above-discussed ways do not earn natural links but are gained through your interference. However, the given below three-step process is the best way to gain natural links consistently.

Content Creation

The best and the most promising method to earn valuable links is by creating informative, unique, and well-researched content. It is important to spend quality time bringing out useful content. Create the content keeping in mind the global audience. Consider all the factors, study them well, and then come to a conceivable conclusion.

Include quality images in the content and design it with proper alignment. Choose the keywords that are search engine optimised. Focus on the interests of the public. Be strategic and foresight as it is important to get ready for future projects also because you will need more skill to satisfy the growing traffic. Do not go after unlikely methods and always trust your instincts.

Social Media

Social link is an important step to gain more natural links. Although it may not have a direct impact on rankings, it attracts more traffic to your website. Social media platforms stage your content before the public and the interested lot will click on the link to find what is fascinating on your website.

Be active on social media and try to follow famous people who are reputed bloggers, influencers, digital marketers, SEO experts, webmasters, etc. If you are their follower there are likely more chances for them to link to your content. It is highly impossible to gain natural links without a good social media presence. You can also place your links on popular social media handles like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.


It is equally important to publish posts regularly on your website along with creating good content and maintaining social links. If you do not post content regularly the audience loses interest to visit your website which in turn affects your rankings. So, it is necessary to maintain the pace of posting 2 to 3 articles per week. It increases your chances of gaining links naturally.

Final Say

Gaining natural links is as important as it was twenty years back when Google founders created their first website ranking algorithm. The importance of the natural links parameter hasn’t changed. Google has been revising the ranking algorithms frequently to spot the websites that have unnatural or fake backlinks.

Natural link building plays a very crucial role not only to gain higher rankings and inflow of traffic but also to build up good recognition in the industry. Make it a practice to create quality content, promote it on social media platforms and connect with people on social media who link to your content. Be consistent in what you do, and you will certainly witness soaring heights in Google rankings.

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