To build up a reliable and trustworthy atmosphere between the company and the clients and ensure safety and transparency on how we collect, operate, process the information of our customers and visitors, we layout the terms explicitly to avoid any sort of ignorance in the manner our website works. We insist you go through the details of our policy to get a complete scenario on how we deal with your information.

1. Information We Collect And Record About You

Personal Information

When you create an account by registering on our website, buy a membership plan, make some transactions, post content via our website, your personal information such as name, age, mail id, image, posts, phone number are directly shared.

Technical Information

On other occasions, some information is automatically collected, such as the device you use to access our website, the Internet Protocol address, the operating system version, browser type, network, your location, etc. The data collected may also include your activity on our site, such as the links you share, the number of clicks, time spent by you on the website, mouse-overs, clap for posts, page views, reading history, etc.

Third-party Information

We may collect your information from third-party sources like service providers, your social network sites like Facebook, Twitter which have the information regarding your name, birthday, friend and followers, profile picture following the authorization given by respective platforms.

Information Derived Through Cookies

Cookies are small data files placed on the user’s device or stored on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies have some information transferred to the hard drive of your device by our website. Some cookies are stored by default. You can change the browser settings to disable them. But please be aware that rejecting or disabling the cookies may affect the authenticity and availability of our services. Moreover, the presence of cookies does not mean revealing your data but knowing your online activity on our website. Cookies help us to improvise our services provided to you and help you to have a satisfying experience while you browse our website.

Cookies let us know the pages you regularly visit, the number of clicks, your preferences, topics you are interested in, and the quality time you spend on our website, enabling us to deliver more efficient services and better understand your likes and dislikes. Please remember that you are willing to place cookies on your device when using our website.

2. Usage Of The Information We Collect

The information we gathered from you directly or automatically is used to provide and enhance our services. To be more elaborate, we use the information to:

  • Maintain and personalize your account
  • Publish and process the content generated by the users.
  • Communicate with you regarding the new developments, features of our website, advancements taking place, newly added content and updates
  • Reply to your comments and posts.
  • Send you security alerts, official messages through email.
  • Provide you with good customer service.
  • Prevent illegal, fraudulent, deceptive activities and safeguard the rights of our website
  • Monitor and analyze the data and rectify the errors in our services.
  • Differentiate the fake and true identities.

3. Information We May Share With Others

We may be needed to share the information provided by you under certain circumstances.

  • We share your personal information with partners, service providers, and consultants who may need to access your data to optimize the website, analyze, marketing, customer service, etc.
  • We may share your personal information with other browsers of our website. That means if you publish any content through our website, then certain information about you would be made available to others, such as name, bio, photo, the information you wish to make visible. In addition to it, your followers, who you follow, your comments, and highlights are also shared.
  • We may disclose personal information to payment service providers like Paypal, who look after the transactions through which payment is carried out. We may reveal your data to business partners with whom we make negotiations either by selling or buying services or assets.
  • Your personal information is among the website partners, affiliates and other companies under ownership.
  • To obtain professional advice or otherwise manage business interests, we share your information with lawyers or technical advisors.
  • We may also share your information by any applicable law or legal process required by public authorities to meet law enforcement and safeguard the rights and safety of our customers or third parties.
  • We share your personal information after taking your approval and as per your direction.

We do not sell or trade your personal information to outside parties illegitimately. We do not allow the third-party embeds to use your personal information for their purposes but to improve our services.

4. Data Storage And Security

Preserving and securing your data is our priority. We take all the measures and safety precautions to secure your data from misuse or loss. But it is an open fact that transactions or data transmissions over the internet are not entirely safe. By accepting our policy, you permit us to share your data with others at your own risk. You are exclusively responsible for the username and password you use to browse our website over the internet, and we do not ensure absolute security for it. It would help if you did not share your password with another person for any reason. We cannot be held responsible if there is a misuse of your account.

5. Rights Reserved For You

Our website is committed to the GDPR policy, and we have ideally evaluated and implemented the enforcements or guidelines laid out by GDPR. Your data is protected and safeguarded as per the norms by GDPR. The rights reserved for the data subject as recorded by GDPR are

  • The Right to Information
  • The Right to Rectification
  • The Right to Access
  • The Right to Restriction of Processing
  • The Right to Data Portability
  • The Right to Object
  • The Right to Erasure
  • The Right to Automated Decision Making

To enforce your rights, you can contact us through email with which you are registered on our site to identify you. We will respond to your queries within 15 working days. Please bear in mind that we reserve your data to investigate, detect and prevent unnecessary activities.

6. Links Of Other Websites On Our Site

Our website does not take responsibility for some of the content displayed on our website through links by our partner companies, affiliates and other users. While browsing the miscellaneous links belonging to those websites, please go through their privacy policies as we are not liable to them. If you interact with such sites called the Embeds, they can collect your information through cookies or google metrics and send it to the hosting site directly. So please check and beware of sharing your information with sundry websites that have their privacy policies.

7. Changes In The Policy

We may make changes to the terms of this privacy policy from time to time. We will inform you of the updates and changes made whenever we revise the policy through notifications. We request you to regularly review this Privacy Policy to keep track of updates or significant changes made to the policy.

8. Contact Us

We welcome you to submit your queries, comments and suggestions regarding our privacy policy at