What Is Link Building?

Link Building is the process of getting hyperlinks called the backlinks to your website from external websites. Link Building is essential for SEO. Digital Marketers and business people earn higher rankings in the search engines through building links that increase their Site’s authority by driving in referral traffic.

Link Building is a complex job requiring intelligent techniques and strategies to make your website rank higher. It may be a time consuming and tedious process, but success awaits you in the long run if you choose authentic and convincing link building strategies.

If you work patiently and honestly, white hat SEO link building is one of the best reliable options that take you a notch higher and gives you a favourable outcome in the Google search rankings by improving the web traffic of your Site. It is indeed a beneficial method to be considered by digital marketers and web admins to achieve success in their niche.

What Is The Prominence Of Link Building?

These days, especially since the last two years, the majority of the business is done online via the internet. Websites are extensively searched for their products or services all over the world. So, it has become essential for marketers and business people to discover ways to reach the public by ranking higher in the search engines.

To make it achievable and build their brands, they either hire professional digital marketing agencies to do the job or do it by themselves. An exciting fact estimated by Agency Jet is that 73% of the e-commerce business is done through mobile phones within a few years. More likely, you should focus on establishing brand trust and actionable online presence through quality link building.

Search engines like Google mostly rely on the number and the quality of the hyperlinks to a webpage and decide whether the website is a quality resource worthy of citation. Always bear in mind, for your blog posts to appear on the first-page search results, you need the sites linking to you that are authentic, ethical and authoritative. So higher the quality backlinks greater the Google rankings.

Link Building is undoubtedly one of the possible options to be followed, which also has many valuable features like:

  • Enhances your brand trust
  • Builds your online presence
  • Drives organic traffic
  • Develops search engine visibility
  • Generates good online relationships

7 Link Building Strategies That Work For Agencies In 2021

In the light of the current situation in the online marketing industry, Link Building is a transformed an essential process with effective strategies varying in complexity, intricacy and application. The strategies are consistently progressive and coherent. We bring forward to you the seven most happening and helpful Link Building strategies that tread you on the path to success in your respective niche.

1. Guest Posting

You may be surprised at the mention of this old strategy in the first place and may even doubt whether it works in 2021. But you can be assured of good referral traffic to your website if done with authenticity and vigilant strategy. There are certain things to be taken care of while submitting a guest post to other websites of your niche to generate good backlinks and enhance your Site’s visibility.

  • Before you rush to submit a guest post, take the help of authority metrics like Domain Authority and search for the websites that have reputed authority and accept guest blogs. Try reaching out to them through convincing emails.
  • Create unique, qualitative, and valuable content that attracts and engages the users by focusing on the websites in your niche to reach the target audience.
  • The content needs to be immersing and not dull. You can add a minimum of two backlinks in the middle of the post and at the end in the author bio.
  • Do not resend the same blogs to other websites but create relevant, unique content for their websites.

Guest posting or blogging is a feasible strategy and one of the common tactics to give a start to build up links through customized templates.

2. Editorial Links

Earning editorial links is a strong link building technique for websites, and search engines like Google highly regard it. The editorial links are not acquired by paying or trading but with compelling content and unique marketing strategies. As the links are freely given by the sites which do not expect anything in return, editorial links are well valued. Editorial links are not quickly earned but can be possible by following few tips:

  • Reach the PR department of popular publications, which help websites gain visibility by discussing with the editors. They may not be interested in backlinks, but you take the initiative of asking them about the newsworthy content you can give them and the chances of getting a backlink on their websites.
  • If you mention other companies in your articles, make sure they come to know about it and request them to share your article on their websites as it works as an advertorial link for them, and they will be obliged to do so.
  • Relate with the curators as they post the best content on exciting topics of that week or month, and it is a possible way to reach them with your attractive post, and if they regard your post, then it serves as an editorial link.
  • Focus on your competitors leads to getting editorial links. Use Google webmaster tools and locate the sites from where your competitors earn links. Reach out to them and become an active part of giving some guest posts to reach the editor.

At the start, you may find it challenging to earn editorial links. Still, as you persistently work by giving relevant and sensible posts, then it will be easier to get a breakthrough in the world of editorial links.

3. Broken Links

Grab the maximum benefit of broken links which is a proven strategy, and it is an apt choice for busy marketers who do not have time to write well-researched blogs. Links present on various websites which direct you to dead web pages mentioning 404 errors are broken links. Tools like Ahrefs help you locate the broken links on different sites with ease. Thus, you can replace the broken links on websites relevant to your niche to gain organic traffic. The steps to be followed to replace the broken links are as follows:

  • Use explorer tools such as Ahrefs to find and filter broken links of your competitor’s website.
  • Either select content from your articles that fit the broken link or create unique content suitable to it.
  • Interact with the webmasters through emails to convey them about the specific broken links on their sites and ask if they are willing to replace them with in-depth and updated content.
  • Be cautious about choosing the web pages with good traffic and relevance to your niche, which helps you gain a high traffic inflow.

Leveraging broken links is an excellent opportunity for link building. You can try Google Analytics, a free tool for analyzing website performance and finding out broken links.

4. Quora

Have you ever thought about how amazing you can gain backlinks when you join high authoritative platforms on Google like Quora with more than 300 million users across the world? Quora is a question-and-answer website and a vast platform to share and gain knowledge over 400,000 topics through insightful and classified answers. It is a perfect destination for web admins and agencies to attain good organic traffic through backlinks placed on the Site. The simple process to do so is given under.

  • Firstly, do keyword research to find topics that have high traffic.
  • Find out questions related to them on Quora.
  • Join Quora with a good profile and answer the questions with well researched and informative answers.
  • Take a step forward and attach backlinks to your Site, which direct to more vivid and quality explanations.

Joining Quora is a beneficial link building strategy and also improves your command, competence and confidence.

5. Infographics

Creating infographics is a promising strategy for link building to gain organic traffic, especially since the concept is practical with people who do not show interest in reading lengthy articles instead prefer images and graphs which incorporate the complete info.

To be precise, Infographics are visual representations of data in graphs, images, charts and short texts. It is an innovative art of presenting complex content into easily and quickly understandable designs. The best part of infographics is you constantly get organic referral traffic. Let us look at how they work in link building.

  • All you need to do is hire a graphic designer specializing in infographics from your team or network.
  • Find out the topics that drive good traffic to your websites and provide the designer with statistics and valuable data to bring out informative and attractive infographics.
  • They can be placed on your sites and other websites to earn quality links.

Infographics is a reliable link building strategy if it is in your budget as they are generally expensive. If you have the potency to do it yourself, it is unstoppable to reach higher in ranking. It is a proven fact that articles with infographics drive more traffic to the websites.

6. Social Media

It is undeniable that social media platforms have brought revolutions in the digital marketing industry and can be a privileged strategy for link building. There is a misconception that backlinks placed on social media platforms are useless. But this is untrue, and it is constructive in website ranking. Social media is indeed a prominent way to build links. The possible ways to get links through social media are:

  • Get active on all social media platforms by including your websites in your profile.
  • Add new posts, images, and exciting templates of your website’s articles and ask for comments and reviews.
  • Good reviews enhance your profile in search engines and build brand trust among the public, which is more likely to receive increased traffic to your website.
  • Also, build a good relationship with people who mention your brand and share links to your website on their social media platforms. This is one way to boost more quality links.
  • You can reach out to people who refer you and link to your social media profiles willingly, and request them to link to your main website instead.

Social media platforms enhance your work and your brand’s visibility in a supportive way. It is a workable solution if you can allot time to build up qualitative and authoritative links.

7. Resource Links

Resource links are a source of direct link building strategy as many websites invite and agree to receive furbished content related to their website and niche. Some leading websites have resource pages and a “suggest a resource” link asking you to tap them. If you can compile blogs related to their niche with high-quality content, then it is feasible for you to build quality links.

  • In this outreach campaign, find resource pages on prominent websites that host hyperlinks through SEO tools and filter them for relevancy of your niche industry.
  • Reach out to them through emails and make sure your link is worthy of citation.
  • The websites with good domain authority and ranking work the best for you.

Recently, resource links have grown in significance as search engines calculate the website’s worth by scrutinizing the links to the Site from other websites. Other websites also show interest in links to their resource pages as they are designed to link excellent content on other websites, intensifying their page visibility.

Other Practicable Link Building Strategies

Along with the strategies mentioned above, you may also consider being a source for journalist inquiries with the help of sites like HARO to gain additional links. You can contact websites that mention your brands or products or services but are unlinked and convince the author to change them into citable links. This strategy is more helpful for more prominent brands. Email signatures are another popular way to generate traffic to promote and share backlinks whenever you communicate with others.

Prepare content from your research and industry studies to help you to link better. Make a renovation of the content on your websites as and when possible as every content has an expiration date and newly updated content occupy their place. Podcasts, video marketing, creating a Wikipedia page, and utilizing influencers can also be efficient link-building strategies.

Avoid Black Hat Link Building Methods

Black hat link building tactics are risky and unethical practices that help you rank your website higher than it should be in search engines in a short time. They only focus on the page rankings and are not worried about user experience. Search engines like Google became aware of them and developed algorithms like a penguin to penalize this type of activity.

Sites which use these techniques are viable to face the severe blow of losing their rankings and may take a lot of time to be on track or may forever lose their presence on search engines. Content automation, doorway pages, link schemes, spammy links, keyword stuffing, are some of the black hat link building tactics.

Let’s Conclude

Link Building is one of the best SEO strategies for a long time and seems to be so in the future also. Focus on earning natural, quality and trusted links to rank higher as it is the quality that matters but not the quantity. Google will always love and work to satisfy its users with helpful content from authoritative sites.

Be smart and implement strategies helpful and promising to your niche or you can reach out to an experienced digital marketing agency like ours, ‘dotingwordsolutions‘, where we work on white label SEO link building services to give you successful and lasting development of your brands and businesses. To wrap up, achieving success through link building is not a swift process. It requires effort, consistency, proper usage of the right techniques to gain authority and dominance.

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